My Spring Beauty Haul from Sephora and Ulta

After all of the great sales that happened this Spring I ended up with a HUGE haul from Sephora and Ulta!

I am simultaneously proud and embarrassed by my gigantic haul. I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much all at once. On the other hand, I actually practiced a lot of discipline over the past 12 months with buying a lot less, so I was restocking on a ton of items that I was running out of. I am about *this close* to finishing my current moisturizer, I just hit the pan on my concealer and I’m about 3/4 finished my current bottle of essence, so it was a good time to be restocking my beauty cabinet.

My Ulta Beauty Haul

Ulta Beauty Haul
Ulta Beauty Haul

I also got a sample bag with a few things

  • Flyer for the Gorgeous Hair Event
  • Bb Don’t Blow It Fine Hair Styler
  • Rusk Pro Shampoo and Conditioner Sample
  • Phyto Moisturizing Shampoo Sample
  • eimi Hair gel
  • Take a shot all in one shampoo/conditioner/body wash
Ulta Sample Bag Free With Purchase
Ulta Sample Bag

My Sephora Haul

Sephora Beauty Haul
Sephora Beauty Haul

As you can see, I’m obsessed with skincare and slightly with haircare. I only bought 3 color cosmetics items! Haha!

I can’t wait to try them all and share my reviews with you soon. Any suggestions on which reviews you’d want to read first?

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